Houdini "Sleepwalker varmeskjørt" RockBlack/Multi

Varenummer: 4004210 - Velg variant
Kr 850,- Kr 850,- m/mva
Medlemsrabatt: 15%
Veil/ikke medlem: Kr 1 000,- m/mva

OBS: Tomme på lager til over påsken 2018 


Versatile, reversible unisex insulation garment for cold expeditions. Perfect on a cold day while standing still or as reinforcement in a sleeping bag.

Stylish enough to wear when you are relaying at the climbing cliff or out and about in the city. The Sleepwalker can also be used as a short elephant foot for the sleeping bag. When it’s finally worn out bring it back to Houdini for recycling.