Finnskogleden Engelsk DNT Finnskogleden Guidebook

DNT Finnskogleden Guidebook

Finnskogleden Engelsk

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DNT Finnskogleden Guidebook is a tour description in English of the 240 km long trail that runs from Morokulien and up to Søre Osen. The tour is divided into 13 stages with comprehensive tour descriptions and map sections.

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Finnskogleden – Guidebook:
Forlag: DNT Finnskogen og Omegn
Språk: Engelsk
Innbinding: Heftet
Sider: 40 sider
Vekt: 150 gram
Mål: 170 x 250 x 5 mm

The Finnskog trail started as a collaborative project between nine municipalities in Hedmark and Värmland in 1988. After the landowner agreement, clearing, and marking the Trail was formally opened in June 1992. The first edition of the map, section descriptions and practical information for the entire stretch from Morokulien in Eidskog to Søre Osen in Trysil was finished in time for the opening. The Finnskog Trail is marked with blue on the Norwegian side of the border and orange on the Swedish side. In 2005, Finnskog Trail became part of the 2414 kilometers long Grensesømmen trail from Halden in Østfold to Treriksrøysa in Troms (border point between Norway, Sveden, and Finland). On some signs, you will find the Grensesømmen's logo in the form of a small metal sign.

Finnskogen ("Forest of the Finns") on the Norwegian side make up about a 30 km wide area long Norway's border from Eidskog to Trysil. On the Swedish side, Finnskogen makes up an area eastward from the Norwegian border to Klarälven, Vitsand, Lekvattnet, and Gräsmark.